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Myo-Inositol Supplement

for PCOS Management

Uncover the unique advantages of Ovofolic®, an inositol supplement formulated to address your individual reproductive health concerns.

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Myo-Inositol supplement for management of 

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 


​Uncover the unique advantages of Ovofolic®, an inositol supplement specifically formulated to address your individual reproductive health concerns:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Management: Ovofolic® stands out among PCOS supplements by utilizing the power of myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol to help regulate symptoms effectively.

  • Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity: as a vital supplement for insulin resistance, Ovofolic® optimizes glucose uptake and improves insulin resistance, particularly beneficial for women with PCOS.

  • Robust Female Fertility Support: fosters a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation, and  aids in overall women's reproductive health and fertility, making it a valuable addition to natural fertility boosters.

With its unique blend of myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol in the body's natural 40:1 ratio, Ovofolic® stands out among other PCOS supplements.

Each sachet  guarantees an optimal dosage for improved bioactivity and efficacy, positioning it as a superior PCOS medication choice.


The Inositol Benefits that Ovofolic® Offers


  • Natural alternative to medication for PCOS.

  • Enhances insulin sensitivity, providing a valuable addition to supplements for insulin resistance.

  • Eupports a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation.

  • Natural fertility booster.

  • Helps to lower cholesterol levels in women with PCOS, and decrease the risk of heart disease.

  • Mood and Hormone Balance: Supports increases progesterone and serotonin levels, a key component of hormonal balance supplements.

Recommended Use

For optimal inositol benefits, take 2 sachets of Ovofolic per day: one in the morning and another in the evening. Pour the contents into water or any beverage, stir until dissolved, and enjoy.

Clinical Data 

Ovofolic is more than a simple PCOS medicine. It is a unique blend of myo-inositol & d-chiro inositol with insulin-mimetic properties to enhance insulin resistance, making it invaluable for women coping with polycystic ovary syndrome. By facilitating hormone balance, Ovofolic empowers you to better manage your symptoms while promoting healthy ovarian function.

Ovofolic is formulated with myo-inositol (2000mg) to mediate glucose uptake and follicle-stimulating hormone signals, d-chiro-inositol (50mg) to promote a healthier intra-ovarian milieu, and active folate or L-5MTHF-Ca (200mcg) as a beneficial prenatal vitamin. Compared to other brands, Ovofolic delivers double the inositol dosage, making it an exceptional myo inositol supplement free of preservatives or fillers.

Verified by International Health Authorities


Regulatory Documents

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