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Our team, our vision and mission...About Us


Let’s introduce ourselves…

We are Dr. Rina Carlini and Dr. Joanne Tejeda, the cofounders of Healthyher.Life. We are industrial scientists (having earned PhD degrees in chemistry & bioscience) who work as  innovation strategy advisors to digital health and biomedical science organizations, and now entrepreneurs in women’s health solutions (a.k.a. femtech). While juggling demanding careers and family responsibilities, each of us struggled with chronic hormonal health conditions (perimenopause, thyroid and endometriosis) that were at times disrupting our work productivity, confidence and quality of life. 



Why Did We Start Healthyher.Life?

It started as a small group of friends talking about women’s health (let’s call it “women talking, with trust”…more on that later) - and soon we discovered that most of the women we spoke to also had a hormonal health issue, such as endometriosis, PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome), thyroid dysfunction, peri/menopause and others. And like us, they found it incredibly challenging to get trusted health advice and easy access to medical specialists! 

And…the COVID-19 pandemic made healthcare access worse than ever! 
We learned from our extensive interviews with many women and LGBTQ or non-binary individuals with female organs, that the majority were dissatified with their hormonal health care experience. We all wanted the same solutions: better access to physicians and clinicians who are experts in women’s hormonal health; easy access to trusted health solutions, easier access to get clinically effective health products and treatment programs, and most of all, the opportunity to interact,  learn and share knowledge about our hormonal health experiences with other people in a community peer group - we call this
Women Talking, with trust

Enter Joanne and Rina, the scientist-entrepreneurs, armed with more determination than ever to deliver the right health and wellness solutions we’re asking for - so that we can reduce our pain, improve productivity, feel happier, and finally live a Healthyher.Life.  

Join us on this journey to a healthyher you!

A Message from Healthyher.Life's CEO

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