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New Medical Innovations


The team supports a holistic approach to managing women’s hormonal healthcare. Our goal is to help our members be well-informed about their hormonal health, by providing them with evidence-based integrated health information that includes the current standard of medical care advised by qualified physicians, clinical insights from licensed allied health professionals (naturopathic doctors, nurse-practitioners, nutritionists, psychotherapists) and new health innovations that will be soon coming to market. Always consult with your doctor regarding your medical condition, diagnosis, treatment, or to seek personalized medical advice. 

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Virtual reality digital solution offers free alternative to help women with endometriosis manage their pain

Source: Journal of International Medical Research
June 28, 2023

Management of chronic pelvic pain for individuals with endometriosis is complex and often requires the long-term use of prescription drugs (e.g., opioids), making drug-free alternatives for pain management highly sought after. A randomized controlled clinical trial conducted by the Franco European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute (France) evaluated the efficacy and safety of using virtual reality (VR) in an immersive digital therapeutic (DTx) treatment for women with endometriosis suffering from moderate-to-severe pelvic pain. The study found that 20 minute VR sessions led to reduced medication intake, presenting a drug free approach to managing chronic pain at home and advancing the use of VR in pain management

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A new potential non-invasive biomarker for endometriosis

Source: Journal of International Medical Research
December 2023

A study published in the Journal of International Medical Research found that leukorrhea-exosomes – small vesicles that store biological information derived from vaginal discharge – have shown promising potential as non-invasive biomarkers for diagnosing endometriosis. The research article sheds light on the importance of developing valuable non-invasive diagnostic tools as an alternative to invasive laparoscopic surgery for improved early detection of endometriosis. 


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AI-based Prediction Models for Diagnosing PCOS

(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Source: Journal of Medical Internet Research
August 22, 2023 

An observational study explored how artificial intelligence and digital healthcare are improving the diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The study used AI and digital tools to construct predictive models that can help physicians diagnose PCOS. These models achieved impressive accuracy rates (around 81-90%) and required patient data to give user-friendly information to patients and doctors, making it easier to proactively diagnose PCOS.

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